New category - International Project of the Year | Closing date for entries 4 July 2014

Entry Categories.

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Controls Innovation of the Year
The most outstanding innovation in lighting control.Download Entry Form
Light Source Innovation of the Year
AnolisThe most exceptional development in sources, including lamps and LED modules and engines.Download Entry Form
Luminaire of the Year – Interior
The year’s most ground-breaking interior light fitting.Download Entry Form
Luminaire of the Year – Exterior
The year’s most ground-breaking exterior light fitting.Download Entry Form
Recycling Award
For recycling of lamps, luminaires and equipment from refurbished projects.Download Entry Form
Manufacturer of the Year
The lighting equipment maker who has shown exceptional performance, innovation and sustainability.Download Entry Form
Retail Project of the Year
ReggianiThe most outstanding project in the retail sector.Download Entry Form
Industrial and Transport Project of the Year
The most outstanding project in the industrial and transportation sector.Download Entry Form
Hospitality and Leisure Project of the Year
The most outstanding project in hospitality, including hotels, restaurants and leisure venues.Download Entry Form
Education & Healthcare Project of the Year
Havells SylvaniaThe most outstanding project in the education and healthcare sector.Download Entry Form
Outdoor Lighting Project of the Year
Osram The most outstanding project in the outdoor, public realm, façade and streetlighting sector.Download Entry Form
Office and Workplace Project of the Year
The most outstanding project in the office and workplace sector.Download Entry Form
Client of the Year
The industry’s most outstanding end-user and one who embraces innovations in light.Download Entry Form
SLL Young Lighter of the Year
PhillipsTo enter this category, please visit Here
International Project of the Year
Projection Lighting The most creative and innovative lighting designer of 2013.Download Entry Form
Lux Person of the Year
The person who has made an exceptional contribution to the lighting industry.Download Entry Form


  1. Projects should have been completed, refurbished, substantially altered or improved in the period 15 July 2012 to 15 July 2014. They must be located in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.
  2. Products should be available on the European market on 15 July 2014. Prototypes are not acceptable. By submitting an entry in one of the product categories (Luminaire of the Year, interior or exterior, Controls Innovation of the Year and Light Source of the Year) you agree to sending a sample if requested by the organisers and you agree to independent testing of it at a test house.
  3. Entrants giving false or misleading information will be excluded from the competition. If an award is given and it is subsequently found that information submitted is materially false or misleading, then the organisers reserve the right to remove the award.
  4. By entering, you agree to a representative attending the awards ceremony in London on 6 November. If none is available for whatever reason, the organisers reserve the right to nominate a collector on your behalf.
  5. By submitting pictures and information, you are agreeing to their dissemination in publications and on-line.
  6. Entries can be submitted from any section of the supply chain including manufacturers, lighting designers, installers and end users.
  7. For projects please specify all parties involved in the project e.g. the user, the designer, the installer, the manufacturer of equipment.
  8. All projects should be fully compliant with the appropriate UK and International Standards.